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High power laser machines

6 Axis Dual Beam Laser Machine


- Dual Beam Combination of Picosecond /Femtosecond laser and long pulse laser for high efficiency and high quality hole drilling
- The six axis servo system can be used to realize the high efficiency on the complex surface
- The U/V axis can realize high flexibility positioning processing functions
- Automatic machining of group hole as per differentiated process parameters

5 Axis Ultrafast Laser Machine


- Can realize processing on the microstructure with complex surface with some spatial angle
- Can monitor and detect the spot position deviation
- Real time online image detection when machining
- With local optical path purification package the machine can adapt to non clean environmental work

Ultraviolet / Green laser automatic cutting machine


- Equipped with full automatic boxed loading and unloading and testing double head laser cutting and testing and place into tray device
- Automatic positioning software automatic correction
- Discovering the machine faults timely to reduce defective rate
- Real time feedback software interface

Large Laser ablation machine


- CCD target calibration function
- Monitoring and modification of beam pointing
- Special software for laser 3D processing can realize off-line simulation in overall process
- The machine is applicable to any material. It can realize ablation on metal or non metal material and engraving on brittle or flexible material

Ultrafast laser & traditional machining combination machine


- Equipped with Femtosecond laser and Picosecond laser the process is more flexible the range of processing is wider
- It combines the advantage of two processing methods. Mechanical processing and laser processing which can overcome the problem of repeat positioning and machining tolerance caused by two times fixing of parts
- The machine has high flexible positioning capacity and A/C shaft turntable, micro tube rotary table, nano micro dynamic platform and vacuum absorption platform can be freely switched

Ultra Violet / Green laser cutting machine (semi – automatic)


- Equipped with high performance and high accuracy scanning mirror, and high accuracy linear motor working platform
- CCD automatic positioning and automatic correction software
- Real time feedback in software interface
- High-efficiency dust proofing to effectively reduce the cleaning and maintenance time of equipment