None other than the invention of microscopy and applications of microscopes have the world enabled constant discoveries in the micro-world. From objects as small as in the atomic and molecular scale, to virus and bacteria in the life domain, vast range of scientific advancement has greatly benefited humankind.
Microscopy science and technology have advanced from original conventional optical solutions into sophisticated Stereo, Super-resolution Confocal and Scanning-Electron microscopes. However, optical solution capabilities have been capped by physical limits for over 200 years, setting the barrier to reach nanoscale. OptoNano product range, using Phaos’ Microsphere Technology has broken the optical limit by increasing 2x to 5X over the current highest optical magnification mechanism. A new small world of nanometer scale is re-discovered, at :
A. Exceptionally affordability. By the adoption of Phaos’ Microsphere Technologies without re-creation of a complete new system, OptoNano product range enable Super-resolution microscope products to be rapidly developed and widely adopted. Such steep cost reduction in acquiring microscopes implies the potential to bring the industrial revolution style change in microscopy and even wider applications that currently are constrained by cost;
B. Leap and bound in the advancement of life science and biomedical fields may be achieved by the assistance of Microsphere technology. In the observation and probe process, biological specimen/samples are untreated and uncontaminated, therefore kept intact to ensure scientific-worth results.

Super Resolution, Unparallel Price


OptoNano Actual Observations (with 50X Objective Lens)


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