About us


Phaos Technology Pte Ltd is an advanced optics technology startup based in Singapore. The company was founded by Prof. Hong Minghui from The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) National University of Singapore (NUS) and later joined by veterans and professionals in the industry. At Phaos, we believe that optical related technology is the key to improving future, hence our company focuses on research and development of advanced optical-related technologies, and making them accessible to mass market adoption. The company thrives to make nanoscopes at fraction of cost of expensive microscopes, using advanced technology developed and patented by NUS and Phaos researchers. The company has partnerships with leading Japanese and Chinese companies to bring its technology to the next level. The company is growing head to head with an infusion of resources at all fronts. In years to come, the company wishes to be a leader in the industry and beyond. The company is currently managed by best professionals in the industry.